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Our Mission is Simple

We are committed to creating real food, so that people everywhere can enjoy a longer, healthier life.

'Ancient Choice' gets its name from a choice we all make when we reach for whole, natural foods. Before store shelves were overloaded with preservatives, corn syrup, and pesticides, food was simple and pure. It's no accident that simple foods are also the healthiest. So, when it's time to eat, we make the same choice our ancestors did - the Ancient Choice.

Our Principles

The foundation of our efforts at Ancient Choice is a body of well formed principles, which guide us as we explore new opportunities and engage with new communities.

We believe that everyone deserves to know exactly what is in the food they buy. That's why we focus on sourcing from organic, sustainable farms in the regions where the food grows natively. When we prepare our foods, we never use chemicals or damaging heat.

We believe that a community is strongest when it communicates. Our goal is to avoid a strict customer / merchant relationship. Instead, we invite our supporters to join our mission in creating a healthier world.

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