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A cup of blue matcha latte with latte art surrounded by Ancient Choice Blue Matcha tin canisters

Blue Matcha Latte

Blue matcha lattes have been popping up on the internet more over the past couple of years. Everyone who comes across a picture or video of a blue matcha latte wants to try one, but this wonderful blue treat still can't be found at major chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Some of us just aren’t willing to wait to make our dreams come true. Finally the “how to” that we’ve all been demanding is here.

These are the quintessential steps for making a blue matcha latte at home.

Blue Matcha Latte

  • Prep: 0 mins
  • Cook: 5 mins
  • Total: 5 mins
  • Yield: 1 cup


A cup of dalgona blue matcha next to a bowl of butterfly pea flower powder


Step 1 - Scoop & Sift

Firstly, scoop about 1 tsp of blue matcha powder into a mug or small bowl through a sifter. Sifting the blue matcha will help break down clumps of powder that would otherwise be present. If you’re into sweet stuff now is the time to add 1-2 tsp of powdered sweetener to your latte-to-be as well. If you prefer honey, wait until Step 3!

An opened tin of Ancient Choice Blue Matcha set beside a matcha spoon and whisk

Step 2 - Mix With Warm Water

Introduce 3 tsp of warm water (not too hot!) before mixing the combination with a matcha whisk. 

After some quick mixing with the matcha whisk, a blue paste with a syrupy consistency will form inside the mug. Mix it well to avoid clumping. 

A matcha whisk sitting within a small bowl of blue matcha mixed with warm water

Step 3 - Add Milk

Take 1 cup of milk (either traditional or plant based) and heat it up in a small saucepan or pot until it’s hot (but not too hot). Remember, we don’t want to burn the blue matcha, we just want to enjoy a nice warm beverage. 

Mix the milk into your mug with the blue matcha paste. It should start to look like a beautiful blue matcha latte. You can use cold milk and ice for an iced blue matcha latte if you prefer! 

If you were waiting to add honey, now is the time :)

A bowl of whipped aquafaba, colored blue with butterfly pea flower powder

Step 4 - Channel Your Inner Artiste

Make your blue matcha latte a work of art: before drinking, serving, or taking pictures of your blue matcha latte, don’t forget to beautify it even more! 

An easy way to decorate your latte is to sift some more butterfly pea flower powder on top of your blue matcha latte. 

If you really want a challenge, look up one of the many tutorials on YouTube that will teach you how to use milk to create latte art.  

A cup of blue matcha latte with an artful design set next to a matcha whisk

Make Your Own


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